Since January 2018 I have offered various consultancy services and ad-hoc help for small to medium size businesses that either develop software internally or work with an external vendor.

I can provide a helping hand as technical sparring partner, architect or developer. Either as a full time engagement over 3+ months or as a part time engagement over a longer period.

I have three primary areas where I help generate value for businesses.

Architecture and strategy advisory and sparring

Teams and development sparring

IT system building surveyor

I also have several talks on improving software delivery performance.

Contact me via LinkedIn or email if you have any questions
or want to discuss possibilities. 

Looking foward to hearing from you:-)

It is easier than every before to overengineer and over-do. 

Both technically and culturally.

Because of this, I think that one of the most important things to focus on at the moment, 
is to keep things simple and perform value driven technical decisions.

Imposter syndrome has a tendency to nudge the majority of people to not 
challenge the value of introducing silver bullets, additional layers or "smart" tech.

Sometimes smarter is harder.

It is extremely important that you get value and cost out in the open. 

Even when you feel like "it is because I do not know enough 
or I am not skilled enough to see the value and that it seems complicated to me"

I think we often need an IT building surveyor or similar to 
inspect our reasoning and perform a sanity check on value and cost
in code, arechitecture and process.

Answer for "What is, in your view, the most important thing to be focused on as a developer today?"
when received IT Developer Talent award 2019.